Walker Evans.

“Evans probably knew little about social and economic conditions of the neighborhoods he captured on film. He  was inclined to argue that photographers did not need such knowledge. The act of photographing, he told Leslie Katz, is “all done instinctively, as far as I can see, not consciously.” This is consistent with Evans’s diffidence at the application of the label “documentary” to his photographs. “The term should be documentary style,” he told Katz. “You see, a document has use, whereas art is really useless. Therefore art is never a document, although it can adopt that style.”As this image represent the death of the american culture, with elements that suggest its death such as the cross in the graveyard, the houses and the Steel Factory, all connected by the wires.

The image below is a reflection of Walker Evans Photograph’s. This Photograph can be compared to Evans’s Photograph of the Great Depression; As Britain is going through an of its  Greatest Depression. It is having a crisis in its culture as well as in its economy. As the image above, in this image there are elements that suggest the same “death” of the British economy as the American in the 30’s. In addiction to the Social-Economic aspect of the image there  is also Environmental element which is relevant to our time, as it can be seen in the dry tree in the middle of the frame.



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