Born in Sao Paulo one of the biggest cities in the world and where all cultures meet, made me think about how people interact and behave with the environment that they are living in. In order to make this thought come true I have decided to leave my homeland and come to London where I could have the experience but in a different environment.

After a few years living in London the feeling of being in a place multicultural was not enough I felt like I had to go deeper into my thoughts and feelings. It was when I found or better saying felt Photography it was in 2006 in a summer course when we met, it took me by surprise as a tropical storm making me feel as I have never felt before. I saw in the medium an opportunity of expression and communication wider and stronger than any other language, giving me new experiences.

Photography allowed me to reach all those different people as if I could speak their language and could be understood by them. The idea of common communication fascinated me. Since I have been introduced to the medium made me feel as if everyone could understand me and I could understand everyone through photography. It feels like a universal language and everything can be said and done without any barriers.


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